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Brigits_Flame Entry

Haven't been doing much writing this week since I found out that NPH is playing Bobby and Patti Lupone, Amy Poehler, and Jon Cryer are all in the cast for the revival of Company!  It's gonna be telecast and my local theater came through with the awesome!  Pretty excited about that, though its not til the end of June. 

Anywho, this week's entry is more poetry!
Title: Dancing Behind Me
Rating: PG
Word count: 358
Prompt levels: Necessary evil, Come again? (the first/last line must be exactly the same), By nature-hold nothing

Prompt level chosen: By nature, hold nothing (advanced)

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taming roses

Brigits_Flame Entry

Here's my entry from brigits_flame May 2011, Week 1.  Three different prompt levels to choose from and I think that my best fit is in the intermediate category. 
Prompts: Good omen, "There was a spark", Verisimilitude

PG, but allusions (I won't say to what, I'll leave that like an ink blot to your imagination).
Word count: 157, Poetry

Title: At the Breakfast Table

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Yesterday while I was in Michaels (pretty much the craft equivalent of Target, methinks) and after having had a lovely, sunny afternoon up in Bellingham with Kelli (she had an elk burger and I a chili cheese burger with onions...and all was good) we had hail (I watched it fall as I shopped) and apparently there was a funnel cloud of some sort....

Also, I am going to predict something happening on Glee.  During the prom episode (next week or the week after?), Kurt is going to be kissed by Karofsky and is going to give up Blaine because of Karofsky's growth as a human...or something.  During Prom.  After Kurt has been named prom queen because of some noble drama or other happening...basically, any gay guy that had notions of wanting any football player and wanted to be prom queen could live through the episode.

I'm just saying.  Better be some kick butt singing that episode.  No prom will ever beat Buffy's prom, though.

Gotta get off to work!  Leftover pasta with ground turkey for lunch today!
Getting my stuff from storage busy, busy, busy!

Update and Stuff

Haven't really updated ya'all in awhile and felt I should. 

I've been working once a week on my Oz Big Bang 2011 fic (which is going awesome, but I may have underestimated the 20K thing) and am up about 2000 words at the end of what would hold in convention as the "first chapter".  Yes, the main pairing is B/K, as if you had to ask.  Do I actually write anything else for Oz?

I spent Easter with the Ackermann's after doing 2 services at church (where I had a more crucial role than I thought).  They have a cute schnauzer named Max and there was lots of food...I did the Easter egg hunt since there were so many eggs.  Kinda nice considering I'd never done one before.  I wasn't the only 25 year-old doing it, btw, so it wasn't that weird.

Spent most of the week either in anticipation or in anxiety.  Anticipation of an interview I had this morning for a GI MA position which I made it past the first round of and am kinda excited about.  It would def. be a step in the right direction in so many ways.

The anxiety came from a roommate who def. needs some sort of assistance I can't provide.  I think this is the first time that I kind of felt unsafe in my house, but I knew coming into the boarding house that it was primarly recovery/mental illness based and thats why the rent was so good.  

Dad's sending me the rest of the my stuff from storage on Saturday so I will be reunited with my magic bullet and the like.  Some of the stuff might have to get sold so that I can start my second business, which will have an Etsy/Ebay/moonfruit shop to get it started.  More info on that later.  Of course, if the interview goes well, I might still do it but we'll see.

Anywho, not much else to say.  Just working, watching for the Doctor, trying to stay out of trouble, eating a lot of chocolate.  You know, the usual. 
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If the Learning Channel is any indication, the future belongs to two similar disassociative groups.

1) Hoarders
2) Extreme Couponers

These two groups are related, both based on an irrational fear of the "what-if", only one has a nicer term (stockpile) for its findings.  The other usually just gets in trouble or berated.  It makes me sick that shows exploit these people that obviously have underlying psychosomatic conditions.

If this is the future, I shudder for it.  We've already lost music and literature, what else is there to lose?

Writer's Block: Available: 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with hot and cold running chills

Would you live in the perfect house or apartment rent-free if you found out a brutal murder had taken place there and it was rumored to be haunted? Why or why not?

Well, first of all...a brutally-murder ridden house wouldn't be perfect.  Second, I'd assume that if there was a spirit left over, I would notice during the house tour.  And third, that can sometimes be worked around...depends on the spirit. 



In other news, Oz Big Bang 2011 count at 1000!

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From the outside, the decision I made may seem to some like a waste.  But its the best decision I think I've ever made for myself. 

I won't be doing the X Factor.  I no longer wish to uproot my life, to be ashamed of the fact that I love God over the fact that I am bisexual and that I don't want to be anywhere other than where my worship pastor, mentor, and friend Joe P is.  

In short, I am choosing real life over some cartoon/cardboard version of happiness that no one ever lives up to or is satisfied from.  Heck, after this year is over, I might end up going back to school in Everett and finishing my degree if this all works out.