tigerstriped86 (tigerstriped86) wrote,

I Spend My Fridays Writing Fic Part Deux

Title: Worst Day in History?
Author: tigerstriped86
Fandom/Pairing: Supernatural College AU; Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13 (for brief nudity and use of the word "dude" way too many times)

Disc.: This one is an AU drabble.  Once again, not real life.  Or maybe it is somewhere in a multiverse.  Don't sue me. 

A/N: This is also dugindeep 's fault.  For the College AU drabble meme fic thing.  Inspiration is from one day I did have in college, except my roommate was a pale silcon valley robot nerd, not Jared Padalecki.  


“Worst day in history!” Jensen growled as he entered the room.

Looking around at the clothes littering Jared's part of the floor and his disheveled bed, he realized there was no one there to complain to. Sighing, he flipped on the desk lamp near his bed and laid back, putting the bag of onion rings on his stomach.

“Worst day in history.” Jensen grumbled to himself mechanically as he chewed. He hated turning twenty on a college campus. No friends, no family, no vanilla cake with strawberry butter cream and mint chip ice cream like mom had gotten for him since he was seven.

Tradition since I was seven, he though to himself tersely, and I can't even celebrate cause they're out of mint ice cream at the student union! Gnashing on an onion ring, Jensen found that he hadn't bit down hard enough and a long string of onion without the ring dribbled down past his chin.

Throwing the hunk of fried breading in anger, he watched it collide with a drawer and fall down to the floor. Cursing to himself, Jensen slid the onion ring bag off of his chest and rolled off the bed to throw the piece of ring away. He laid on the floor afterwards, listening to the silence all around him.

A low whistle broke into Jensen's murky thoughts and he sighed. He just couldn't win. Slithering along the floor in supreme laziness, he peeked out from beneath his door to see who was making the noise. His dorm room that was shared with Jared was directly across the hall from the communal showers, which had never left much to the imagination.

And there was Jared, finishing the last of his soaping up and allowing the water to spray down his body. Even through the murky glass door, Jensen could see that Jared was enjoying himself, even though he seemed to have that permanent stupid grin to his face so it was harder to tell when he was actually enjoying himself.

Realizing in that instant that he was watching Jared's fingers move from his stomach and down to his balls, Jensen propelled himself away from the crack under the door. He looked around as though someone was catching him doing something naughty, even though he was the only one in the room. Exhausted, terrified, and blushing, Jensen settled back onto his own bed and started eating any bits of crumbs that were left in the greasy bag.

Jensen tried not to blush and look away with a lethargic gaze when Jared came back into the room wrapped in nothing but a large light blue towel and that same damn smile with the crinkles at the edges. But Jared didn't like being ignored.

“Hey roomie! Hows it hanging?”

“Meh.” Jensen intoned while doing his best to focus anywhere that wasn't Jared's body, not that he was thinking about Jared's body.

“Awww...why the long face? I thought you were excited about turning twenty.”


There was a low, playful growl in Jared's voice as he approached Jensen's bed and shook his knee until Jensen pushed his hand away. “What's with you?”

Jensen's voice felt thick in his throat. “No mint chip left at the union. That was my favorite and I just have too much school crap to deal with.”

Jared shook his head. “Nope, nuh-uh.”


Jared chuckled low. “Dude, your first birthday away from your parents should at least make you a little bit happier. C'mon, I'll get changed and I'll go down to the student union and bargain the clothes off my back if I have to. I'll bet you they have some mint chip ice cream around there somewhere.”

“You really don't....”

Jensen's brain stopped working as Jared walked back to his half of the room and shucked off his towel to change into boxers and jeans. Jensen would remember that color, dark green and black plaid, boxers for more than a few years afterward. Jared's profile left nothing to the imagination, things Jensen hadn't noticed before- like that mole on his left hip. And the way his dick was so at ease against his balls, just the hint of foreskin as it lay soft against his skin. He had a crease right at the edge of his abs, probably from when he had been heavier and shorter during high school.

Jared broke into his thoughts, allowing Jensen to turn his eyes away. “I know I don't have to. Have you known me to do anything that I didn't want to?”

Jensen shrugged. “I haven't known you that long.”

Jared pulled a green shirt with a can of mountain dew emblazoned on it over his shoulders. “Dude, long enough. Its been over a semester and what...a thousand late nights ramens? You're a bro.” Walking over wearing his favorite pair of sandals, Jared extended his hand. “C'mon.”

Jensen rolled his eyes in fake protest. “Fine. But I'm telling you...”

When they returned half an hour later, Jared was grinning from ear to ear. “And what were you telling me?”

Jensen nudged him playfully with his elbow while spooning a scoop of mint chip in his mouth. “I mahnoa hamoeah.”

Jared rolled his eyes as he plopped down on Jensen's bed to shovel his ice cream in. “Didn't hear your groveling in thanks, Ackles.”

Jensen swallowed slowly as he sat on his own bed, near Jared. “You suck.”

Jared scoffed in his throat. “As if. Happy birthday.” Jensen watched the bit of ice cream fling from the end of Jared's spoon and blinked in shock as it hit his neck. “Dude, score!”

Jensen made a little ticking noise in the back of his throat. “Oh, that was a bad idea. Poppa says that you don't waste ice cream without paying a penalty.”

Jared squirmed as Jensen lunged to tackle his disposable bowl of ice cream. Missing the bowl, Jensen found himself laying over Jared's abs quite comfortably. He had never thought about how athletic Jared was before. Thoughts creeping up in his head were made more weird by the fact that Jared wasn't kicking him off his body. Almost as if he were comfortable with it.

Jared was grinning from ear to ear with his ice cream bowl extended out beyond the bed. “You fail, Ackles. Ice cream bowl shaped fail.”

“Shut up you beanstalk,” Jensen muttered.

Jared skipped a beat. “Dude, you gonna move off of me?”

Jensen shot back, almost falling off the bed in overcompensation. “Woah. Awkward. Sorry man.”

Jared shrugged. “No big deal. One of my brothers is gay. He used to pull that shit all the time.”

Jensen blinked. “Huh? I'm not...you think I'm....”

Jared put his hand out to stop Jensen. “Ah, dude. I'm sorry. I just thought that you were checking me out...well, I'm flattered in either case.”

Jensen scoffed in the back of his throat. “I do not check you out.”

“Please, you can't take your eyes off me,” Jared said lazily, dipping his thumb in his ice cream and then bringing it up to his lips and licking it off in a suggestive manner. Jensen gulped hard. Was Jared's thumb always the same color as the rest of his skin?

“Well,” Jensen declared in an exasperated tone, “ I can't help it when you're like fourteen feet tall!'

“So you did notice that I'm freakishly huge! Do you ever jack off to it?” Jared wiggled his eyebrows seductively in a teasing matter.

“Wow. That's great. Just yeah...way to make my birthday memorable.”

Jared shrugged as he tossed his spoon in the waste basket so he could finish off the ice cream with his tongue, leaving Jensen's eyes to dilate just slightly. “I da vmah a cat.”

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