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Update and Stuff

Haven't really updated ya'all in awhile and felt I should. 

I've been working once a week on my Oz Big Bang 2011 fic (which is going awesome, but I may have underestimated the 20K thing) and am up about 2000 words at the end of what would hold in convention as the "first chapter".  Yes, the main pairing is B/K, as if you had to ask.  Do I actually write anything else for Oz?

I spent Easter with the Ackermann's after doing 2 services at church (where I had a more crucial role than I thought).  They have a cute schnauzer named Max and there was lots of food...I did the Easter egg hunt since there were so many eggs.  Kinda nice considering I'd never done one before.  I wasn't the only 25 year-old doing it, btw, so it wasn't that weird.

Spent most of the week either in anticipation or in anxiety.  Anticipation of an interview I had this morning for a GI MA position which I made it past the first round of and am kinda excited about.  It would def. be a step in the right direction in so many ways.

The anxiety came from a roommate who def. needs some sort of assistance I can't provide.  I think this is the first time that I kind of felt unsafe in my house, but I knew coming into the boarding house that it was primarly recovery/mental illness based and thats why the rent was so good.  

Dad's sending me the rest of the my stuff from storage on Saturday so I will be reunited with my magic bullet and the like.  Some of the stuff might have to get sold so that I can start my second business, which will have an Etsy/Ebay/moonfruit shop to get it started.  More info on that later.  Of course, if the interview goes well, I might still do it but we'll see.

Anywho, not much else to say.  Just working, watching for the Doctor, trying to stay out of trouble, eating a lot of chocolate.  You know, the usual. 
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