tigerstriped86 (tigerstriped86) wrote,

Yesterday while I was in Michaels (pretty much the craft equivalent of Target, methinks) and after having had a lovely, sunny afternoon up in Bellingham with Kelli (she had an elk burger and I a chili cheese burger with onions...and all was good) we had hail (I watched it fall as I shopped) and apparently there was a funnel cloud of some sort....

Also, I am going to predict something happening on Glee.  During the prom episode (next week or the week after?), Kurt is going to be kissed by Karofsky and is going to give up Blaine because of Karofsky's growth as a human...or something.  During Prom.  After Kurt has been named prom queen because of some noble drama or other happening...basically, any gay guy that had notions of wanting any football player and wanted to be prom queen could live through the episode.

I'm just saying.  Better be some kick butt singing that episode.  No prom will ever beat Buffy's prom, though.

Gotta get off to work!  Leftover pasta with ground turkey for lunch today!
Getting my stuff from storage tomorrow...so busy, busy, busy!

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