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Brigits_Flame Entry

Here's my entry from brigits_flame May 2011, Week 1.  Three different prompt levels to choose from and I think that my best fit is in the intermediate category. 
Prompts: Good omen, "There was a spark", Verisimilitude

PG, but allusions (I won't say to what, I'll leave that like an ink blot to your imagination).
Word count: 157, Poetry

Title: At the Breakfast Table

There was a spark
Unmistakable in your eyes
But I don't think you recognized where it came from
A tiny hint of happiness, a ray of hope

I wanted to say that I loved you
I needed you to know
And then you came to me
Under cover of darkness, you brought everything

There was a spark, the color of sapphire blue
There was a light that formed
There was a second where nothing mattered
Seems like a dream at the breakfast table

And you held me
And you loved me
And for just one moment the world wasn't topsy turvy
And for just one second I foolishly believed

In what we'd done
That one day we'd become
The spark that would change the world
The spark that would consume everything we hated

That spark came from me
That hope came from me
Maybe one day you'll know and you'll see
Our spark lit inside of me
Tags: brigits_flame, intermediate level, pg, poetry

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