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Brigits_Flame Entry

Haven't been doing much writing this week since I found out that NPH is playing Bobby and Patti Lupone, Amy Poehler, and Jon Cryer are all in the cast for the revival of Company!  It's gonna be telecast and my local theater came through with the awesome!  Pretty excited about that, though its not til the end of June. 

Anywho, this week's entry is more poetry!
Title: Dancing Behind Me
Rating: PG
Word count: 358
Prompt levels: Necessary evil, Come again? (the first/last line must be exactly the same), By nature-hold nothing

Prompt level chosen: By nature, hold nothing (advanced)

They're dancing behind me
But all I can see is my frosted glass
They spin behind me
Yet I am all consumed in the silence of the balcony

There is a fountain laying clear across the courtyard of destiny
And I can see in the cool, clean water
From a distance, only me

I didn't expect you to stay
You're too handsome, too volatile
My arms couldn't hold you
Though it was nice to pretend for awhile

We make choices
Oh, there's nothing saying that we have to stay
I wish we'd had one chance
Wish it could have started today

They're standing in front of me
But the attention is turned toward the sky
They pretend I'm not struggling
They pretend its not supposed to be my time

There is my reflection in the guitar to my right
And I can see my dreams
In the spotlight above

I cast them all aside for fate
Because you wouldn't follow
And the only way I'll ever survive
Is through the God of my fathers

It's worth it to sit and listen
I'm reminded that it's more than just me
There's a picture and a perfect plan coming together
Once through this valley, I'll be free

They're clapping for me
On each and every side how they clamor
As I pass by, they try to touch
And let some glamor seep from beneath my hand

My eyes are glittered, blinded to my reflection
Its a masquerade
At some point maybe enough to hide me

I am secure in this persona
Only because its a chance to start again
There is no indescribable feeling here
Only being the center whose off tilt

And maybe this moral
If I'd stopped to think before that tiara was my crown
In the mirror of my destiny, the shards laying my hands
The choices I made to get here

The desolate sands I crossed to be here
The paths I chose to walk
The road filled with promises I stuck to
And yet they're still dancing

While I'm on my own and the world is spinning
Still I can see
They're dancing behind me
Tags: brigits_flame entry, pg, poetry

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