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Brigits_Flame Entry

brigits_flame week 2 entry:

Mamihlapinatapei (which means- in Yagan- to look at someone and try to initiate something...?) and really I think it just means that this month's prompts are all really just long-winded words for emotional encounters of some kind.

Lighter fair than what I served last week, more of my traditional style and less with the poetry.  Still a PG rating.  Not entirely satisfied with it, but if I don't cease to tinker and submit, than I never will.

Title: Icing on the Cake
Rating: PG
Word count: 950


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Sitting here watching Frasier and waiting for my Pepperidge Farm (on sale) Fudge Stripe cake to thaw.  Not satisfied with my flame entry for the week.  Love the premise, but know I can do better.

Nothing much more to say.

Oh yeah, having another go with stardom.  Auditioning for the X Factor in about a week.  I'll keep you all posted.

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I am fascinated with Rupaul's Drag Race.

I could not finish Infinite Jest, the most genuis book of the 90s, written by David Foster Wallace.

I wish to go cosmic bowling.

Song stuck in my head: "There's an angel on my shoulder, but a devil in my bed (head?)."

Place I want to go to today: The one from the travel channel where they make bacon smoothies and bacon brownies.  Yum!

Didja hear?  JK Rowling is considering making the Potter books into E-books...Yay!  So, I totally will add that to the list of books I'll look for when I can afford a Kindle (which I'm not as against as I thought I'd be...)

Debate topic: Is manga the future of literature and philosophical thought, esp. in America?

What I'm Up To

I am:

Trying to find a second or full-time job so I am able to support myself and pay off my debts.

Trying to edit a good friend's masterpiece (which is obviously something he trusts me with and yet I am not engaged by it at all....)

Trying to plow through Infinite Jest...a story that killed author David Foster Wallace and, at a whopping 1,079 pages-with footnotes- is a brain melting beast suggested by my wicked cool pastor Joe.

Trying to ignore that fact that, upon turning 25 on Monday, I cannot see the forest (of life) for the trees (my current predicaments) and am determined to feel awesome on that day and yet cannot shake the feeling of urgency that I need to do something.....
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Its Been Forever

Okay, so I'm finally here (sorry foreverbm, I know I promised....) and I can't say that I'll post all the time, but I thought I should say something to let you know I'm still alive and all that.

Elizabeth Taylor passed on this morning and I hope this means that a new generation of kids might be exposed to her body of work in Hollywood.  For me, she represented a lot of what was good about Hollywood on film, and I hope now that I might find time to watch a couple of her movies I haven't seen.

My favorite is Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
The one I would like to see is Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Not much is happening in my personal life.  Have a part-time job, but its not really enough.  I've graduated from my program and am medical assistant certified, so I would theoretically like to do something with my training and maybe be able to save some money or have enough to take a vacation to New Zealand one day or something.

Had a really interesting conversation with my praise team pastor this past Monday.  I really like this guy.  His attitude for God is so...well, its what I need right now.

Birthday's coming up on the 4th.  Gonna spend the day with pizza and X-Men Legends 2 (and maybe T, if he can get the day off).  Gonna party like I'm 25!

For dinner: Taco night!

Not working on any stories right now, going back and editing all the old ones on

A Post

So, that whole updating promise I made?  Fail.

Anywho, here I am...*takes sip of coffee*.

We're out of our cold snap up here, mostly being that my room has heat.  I love my room for the heat, considering the room I was in for winter break didn't have heat.  However, being by myself was mostly nice.

I wish I had an office cubicle because then I could put my new stormtrooper bobblehead somewhere other than in my locker.  People want to steal the thing, its that awesome.  Thing is?  What I asked for was something Doctor Who...I think a cardboard cut-out of the Tardis?  I can't recall.  But its really cool and I like my bobblehead anyways....

Also, Seth found me a giant wall poster from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan club and then I gave him some cool Superman comics from a couple years before he was born and then a decade after that.  I swear I would live in the shop I found them at if I was convinced they weren't always one sale away from being out of business.

I will have the best man-cave ever once I get a place of my own.

Also, I joined a worship team at church (I know, I know, but this time is really different).  I dragged my butt up really early to help them store all the remaining Christmas decorations (half of the decs were mysteriously put away...I feel like we had a magic Christmas fairy at work or something) and I got to spend some quality time with the worship pastor.  I really like him and he's halfway between what I had at CC and at Quail Lakes.

I'm nervous about wanting to stay and call this place home.  I know it's selfish, but I'm asking God to let me stay.  I really could use a mentor and I really like this guy.  If I could be as confident and wise in twenty years as him, I'll be doing well.  And not just financially, when I get a job out of this Job Corps thing.

Me and Joe (look how well he knows me):

"J: Keep it secret, keep it safe (referring to me holding a projector that he was eventually going to nail down).
Me: ...mumbles something...sure, I guess I can do that.  Only, I don't think I'm much of a Frodo, I'm more of a Samwise (and no, I don't think I'm selling myself short)
J: I'm beginning to see that."

He really gets me and thats really nice.  This is the first time I've ever limited myself because I wanted to stay somewhere, so my hope is for the best. 

We had to go to plan B for my internship site, still waiting (a little nervously now) and knowing that all the people working hard for me want the best for me as well.

Watched Batman Returns last night (I don't care what people say about Michael Keaton, he was a great Batman and if they remade this movie, I think Helena Bonham Carter would have been cast as Michelle Pfieffer's role....also, it kind of makes me want to watch the Witches of Eastwick...was Michelle Pfieffer even in that movie?  I can't recall).  Josh was all would have a cool movie like that.

-the tiger